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Your product,
on the move.

Custom animation for your
product marketing team.

Built for
your brand.

Representative or abstract design that accords with your brand guidelines and highlights the features and functionality of your product.

Fit for
your feeling.

Animation that fits with your aesthetic and resonates with your audience.

You’re in good company

Product feature

Whether it’s a complete overhaul of your app or a new high-five emoji you can highlight new features in your product and promote them on your website with SVG animations or GIFs on your social media channels.


Trusted partners elevate your product and increase productivity for your user base. Show off how your other apps integrate with your product to make your user’s work easier and more efficient.

App demo

Apps and new features can come with a learning curve. Whether it’s for an internal program or a “How-To” on your website or Twitter feed animation is a highly effective way to educate your users.

Our process

Our team will design either a literal or abstracted representation of your product based on your needs. Choose which information is important to your audience and we will get to work.

We work with your references, brand guidelines, motion guidebooks, and your team to deliver an end product that is aesthetically pleasing and aligned with your brand.

We provide multiple rounds of revision where we will interact with marketing teams, creative directors, CEOs, stakeholders, or anyone who has a say in the final deliverable.

We source talent for voiceovers, script writing, music, and sound design so you don’t have to spend time looking for the right freelancer to do the job.

Your content will be optimized for all of your channels, whether it’s on your website or in a social campaign.

Ready to Get Moving?