Lucas Langworthy

Owner and creative director

Hi, I’m Lucas. After spending a few years behind a camera, I started animating while working in Cupertino at Apple. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented people and several brands. 

Caleb Hinrichs

Motion Designer

Once a kid obsessed with cartoons, Caleb thoughtfully animates every project with a style that is charming and approachable.

Ian Pitkanen

Motion Designer

When Ian was a kid he had dreams of being a traditional artist, but fell in love with animation and 3D early on. He taught himself how to draw and paint, and from there picked up Blender and After Effects. That first joy of creating and telling stories with colors and motion continues in his work today.

Paige Burgett

Junior Motion Designer

Whether it’s character design, 3D modeling or animation, Paige brings style and personality to every project.